Philip Larkin Revision

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Philip Larkin Revision
1 Brief Contextual Knowledge
1.1 Born in 1922
1.1.1 In Coventry, England.
1.2 His first book of poetry was published in 1945.
1.2.1 Later on in 1964, he produced the collection of poetry called the Whitsun Weddings.
1.3 He was deeply anti-social
2 The Whitsun Weddings
2.1 The Arundel Tomb
2.1.1 Arundel- Chichester, Somerset.
2.1.2 a couple have been buried in a tomb together for a very long time
2.1.3 The'Arundel Tomb' is about how over time, a lover's tomb has eroded away,however their love has stayed true no matter how time is changing around them.
2.1.4 from pre-Boroque times public figures wanted to leave a legacy showing as being religious marriage would have not been for love would have been for politics and money
2.1.5 all six line stanzas
2.1.6 long vowel sounds extends words-indicating time is passing
2.1.7 not jaunty quite flat no bounce
2.2 Nothing To Be Said
2.2.1 3rd person=universal
2.2.2 people know they are constantly dying, there is no need to ask for an explanation
2.2.3 short sentences showing life is short
2.3 Love Songs in Age
2.3.1 She forgot she had the sheet music, or did not want to discover them again as it could bring back painful memories
2.3.2 the songs were given to her when she was young so finding them again reminds her of that period of time in her life
2.3.3 could not bring back the person she had lost
2.3.4 feels as if she is listening to them for the first time all over again
2.3.5 she found them when she was lonely
2.4 Broadcast
2.4.1 about a huge musical event
2.5 Home is so sad
2.5.1 suspicion of neglect
2.5.2 meant to be happy, radiate goodness, ironic next to sad
2.5.3 house is changed to suit other people
2.6 Toads Revisited
2.6.1 can not relax due to the fact that he knows he could be working
2.7 Water
2.7.1 3 line stanzas create imagery of dripping water water trickling/flowing
2.7.2 wants to use water because it is important and people take it for granted people in third world countries are dying because lack of water

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