Body Systems


mind map of body systems
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Body Systems
  1. Reproductive
    1. Function
      1. To produce sex cells and reproduce organism
      2. Main organs
        1. ovaries
          1. Testes
        2. Skin
          1. Job: protective, waterproof barrier, helps control moisture and heat loss
            1. main organs
              1. sweat gland
                1. hair
              2. Excretory
                1. Job: Filters waste products
                  1. Main organs
                    1. kidneys
                      1. bladder
                        1. ureter
                          1. urethra
                        2. Digestive
                          1. Function - to breakdown food into small particles
                            1. main organs
                              1. oesophagus
                                1. stomach
                                  1. small intestine
                                    1. large intestine
                                  2. Nervous
                                    1. function - controls muscles, thinking memory, senses
                                      1. main organs
                                        1. brain
                                          1. spinal cord
                                        2. Respiratory
                                          1. function - to breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide
                                            1. main organs
                                              1. lungs
                                                1. trachea
                                              2. Circulatory
                                                1. function - to carry digested food to all body cells and carry waste product away from body cells
                                                  1. main organs
                                                    1. heart
                                                      1. arteries
                                                        1. veins, capillaries
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