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Biography of UB40 from the 70's to today

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1 1978
1.1 UB40 was formed
1.2 Original members were Robin Campbell, Ali Campbell, Earl Falconer, Brian Travers, James Brown, Norman Hassan, Michael Virtue and Astro
1.3 Started rehearsing in a local basement
1.4 Named after the form which is needed to clam benefits - Unemployment Benefit Form 40
1.5 1980
1.5.1 Started touring in Summer 1980 with the Pretenders
1.5.2 First single released in September1980 "King b/w Food For Thought" Reached No. 5 in UK
1.5.3 September - First album released Signing off Made up of original songs and reggae covers Reached number 2 in charts Stayed in charts for 72 weeks
1.5.4 Fanbase mainly made up of students
1.5.5 1981 Second album Present Arms released Track from album 'One in Ten' became anthem for British protest movement Album Present Arms in Dub released 1st ever dub album to reach the Top 40 1982 Album UB44 released Recorded in Dublin CBS ended licensing deal with the band Signed with Richard Bransons Virgin Records Opened own studio in Birmingham called The Abbatoir 1983 Released Album Labour Of Love Bands first No.1 album in UK charts Stayed in charts for 18 months Lead single Red Red Wine stayed in charts for 2 years First american No. 1 Album Live realeased 1984 Album Geffrey Morgan released 1985 Album Baggariddim released 1986 Album Rat In The Kitchen released Main single- Sing Our Own Song Written in support of black artists in South Africa 1987 Album UB40 CCCP Live in Moscow released Released after tour to Soviet Union Ray Falconer dies in car crash His brother Earl was driving and gets a prison sentence of 6 months 1988 Album UB40 released Went on many long world tours Performed in Free Nelson Mandela Concert 1989 Labour Of Love II released 1993 Album Promises and Lies released Bands biggest selling album Track from album Can't Help Falling In Love was their third UK No. 1 Used in film Sliver 1994 Band disbanded Many started their own musical projects 1995 Album Best Of UB40 Volume 2 released Filled in gap while band was disbanded 1996 Group got back together Starred in film Speed 2 with their song Tell Me It Is True 1997 Guns In Ghetto album released 1998 Dance hall album released Featured Jamaican acts Beenie Man Mad Cobra Lady Sam Labour Of Love III released 12th Top 10 album 2000 Best of UB40 released 2001 Album Cover Up released 2002 Fathers Of Reggae released Featured reggae artists who inspired band Took 3 years to record 2003 Platinum Collection released Made up of LAbour of Love series 2004 2005 Who You Fighting For released Released on 25th anniversary of their recording debut 2007 Dub Sessions album released 2008 Ali Campbell leaves group to pursue solo career Replaced by Duncan Campbell 2009 Love Songs album released Best of Labour Of Love released Dub Sessions 2 released 2010 Labour of Love IV released Dub Sessions III released Homegrown album released Received Ivor Novello award for International Achievements
1.5.6 Created their own record label DEP International All 8 members owned an equal share
1.5.7 Signed licensing deal with CBS
1.6 Originated in Birmingham
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