Overriding Interests

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Overriding Interests
1 First Registration - Schedule 1
1.1 Bind whether purchaser/not, freehold/lease s11,12 LRA 2002
1.2 More extensive => not escape binding rights simply by registration
1.3 Short-term legal lease <= 7
1.3.1 >7 Registrable title
1.3.2 Transferred <7 to run/ take effect >3mths, dwelling HA s4(e)
1.3.3 Overriding under s70(1) LRA 1925 continues to override
1.3.4 Equitable lease NOT Enforceable contract failure to register overriding AO if protected as class Civ land charge in transfer of unregistered title
1.4 Para 2:Persons in actual occupation
1.4.1 Factual occupation at time of disposition Rule 15 LRR 2003 Williams& Glyn's Bank v Boland physical presence Link Lending Ltd v Bustard unvoluntarily detained,furniture still counts Thomas v Clydesdale Bank: renovating present everyday Abbey National Building v Cann date of execution is crucial
1.4.2 Disclosure of Interest irrelevant except AP
1.4.3 Hold any proprietary interest National Provincial Bank v Ainsworth Survive unregistered conveyancing
2 Subsequent Registration - Schedule 3
2.1 Opportunity to discover rights affect him => more restrictive
2.2 Para 1, Schedule 3: Short-term legal leases <=7
2.2.1 <= 21 under old law
2.2.2 Equitable leases NOT Entry of Notice AO
2.2.3 >7yrs,>3mths effect, possession discontinued Lease in Part 5 HA 1985, franchise or manor, dwelling house right to buy s 4 (1)e Registered as individual title
2.3 Para 2 Actual Occupation
2.3.1 Hold a proprietary interest
2.3.2 Actual Occupation Time between execution and registration Resolved: Abbey National Building v Cann Applied: Cook v The Mortgage plc
2.3.3 Exceptions b)enquiry was made -no disclose c)not obvious on reasonable inspection, no knowledge
2.4 Certain Legal Easements and profits
2.4.1 Equitable wont do
3 S71 LRA 2002: requirement to disclose known overriding interests => encourage disclosure, true mirror
3.1 No sanction
4 Ceases to be overriding if registered s29(3)

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