Conditional sentences

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Conditional sentences
1 Ação provável
1.1 Main Clause
1.1.1 Simple Future (will) If she talks to me | I will tell you immediately My heart is fine | I will definitely go He practices a lot | he will participate for sure
1.2 Ação futura que ocorrerá se determinada condição for satisfeita
1.3 If Clause
1.3.1 Simple Present
2 Ação improvável
2.1 Ação indicada na oração principal dificilmente vai acontecer
2.2 If Clause
2.2.1 Simple Past
2.3 Main Clause
2.3.1 Conditional (would) If she had time | She would take care more of her son If I had money, | I would buy a pony. I would travel around the world | if I were rich
3 Ação impossível
3.1 Referem-se a fatos passados
3.2 If Clause
3.2.1 Past Perfect
3.3 Main Clause
3.3.1 Conditional Perfect (would have) If I had already told her | she would have had more options If we had left home earlier, | we wouldn't have missed the bus. Had I seen you at the party | I would have said hello
4 Causa e Efeito
4.1 É usada quando a consequência da ação que indica a condição já é conhecida antes
4.2 If Clause
4.2.1 Simple Present
4.3 Main Clause
4.3.1 Simple Present If you don't feed the hamster | it die after some time If you plant, | a plant grows If you boil water | it steams
5 Ordem
5.1 Pedido, ordem ou concelho
5.2 If Clause
5.2.1 Simple Present
5.3 Main Clause
5.3.1 Imperative If you want to ran away | you need a plan If she thinks she can beat me | let her try If he wants to win | He need to practice
6 Condição imaginaria
6.1 Situação que não pode se realizar
6.2 If Clause
6.2.1 Subject + were
6.3 Main Clause
6.3.1 Conditional (would) If he were taller | he would be a basketball palyer If I were you | I wouldn't go to thet way If I were a fly | I wouldn't go to the light
7 Unless
7.1 a menos que, a não ser que
7.2 If Clause
7.3 Main Clause
7.3.1 Unless you come earlier | I won't wait for you Unless I stop smoking | I won't be allowed to enter Unless you get the ticket | I won't go
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