Youth Work

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Youth Work
  1. YACVic
    1. Responsibility - YW will have the best interest for YP such as psychological, physical or emotional harm & injury
      1. Principles - Empowerment of young people
        1. Principle - Ensuring the safety of Young people
          1. Responsibility - Privacy and confidentiality
          2. Changes
            1. Although some policies effects YP, they are still unable to make changes or vote until they are 18.
              1. When Youth Work was first introduced, they began to give YP a voice and take their ideas into consideration
                1. Social -YPs ideas and suggestions are bypassed
                  1. Although YP are required to pay taxes by 16, they are unable to have a say on where their taxes go
                  2. Service Providers
                    1. Odyssey House - Alcohol & drugs rehabilitation
                      1. YSAS - Drugs and alcohol support
                        1. YMCA - health fitness, child care and youth services
                          1. YDAS - Disability advocacy
                            1. Headspace - Mental health foundation
                            2. Impact from the community or country
                              1. War & refugees - causing a lot of discrimination. bullying, social impacts
                                1. political changes - changes of government changing different policies
                                2. Values of one organisation
                                  1. Supporting YP to a better, brighter future
                                    1. To help YP to manage problems like mental health, education, family and legal issues
                                    2. Beliefs young people have
                                      1. Behaviours - alcohol can take away problems and drugs aren't addictive
                                        1. Relationships - Friends are more important than family
                                          1. Education - School is not important and necessary for life careers
                                          2. Supports for ethical & professional issues
                                            1. Supervisor - they are to ensure your well being is okay
                                              1. Networking organisation
                                              2. Promoting workplace sustainability
                                                1. Workforce cultures - Business goals, value, attitude and behaviours
                                                  1. Workforce planning - skill set for employees
                                                    1. Ensuring OHS
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