Social class

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Final of curling, Canada vs R-U, live from Beaulieu with françois and lucien, great commenters of the day.

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Social Class and Deviant Subcultures
Yasmine King
Key concepts - Social Class Inequalities
Yasmine King
Social Class Identity key concepts
Yasmine King
Holly Bamford
Musical Terms
Abby B
Sociology for the MCAT
Sarah Egan
Patterns and Trends in Social Class - A2 OCR SOCIOLOGY
Millie Salt
Intro to Sociology
Shelby Allen
Patterns and Trends in youth deviance and social class
Yasmine King
Working Class and Religion
Social class
1 Working class hero
1.1 shut out from the political process
1.2 hostile middle class and upper class
1.3 Sunken people
2 Upper rich class
2.1 hereditary Aristocracy
2.2 gentry
2.2.1 CEO of commerce / industry
3 middle simple class
3.1 nothing
3.1.1 .....but..... ...maybe... Curling

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