Discuss two theories of the breakdown of relationships

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Describe and evaluate two theories of the formation of relationships
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Discuss two theories of the breakdown of relationships
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1.1 Reasons for relationship breakdown (Duck)
1.1.1 Lack of skills Social skills may be difficult for some individuals, making it hard to hold conversations, which may given the impression of a lack of interest, which could quickly lead to breakdown (Duck 1991)
1.1.2 Lack of stimulation People expect relationships to adapt, change and develop over time, a lack of this leads to boredom, which can lead to breakdown (Baxter et al)
1.1.3 Maintenance Difficulties Factors such as distance can place a huge strain on relationships, leading to breakdown (Shaver et al)
1.2 Breakdown Model
1.2.1 Includes time for personal reflection (intrapsychic processes), to discussing issues with partner (dyadic processes), to seeking social support, grave dressing and resurrection
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2.1 Reasons for relationship breakdown
2.1.1 Extra-martial affairs Boekhout et al May be a direct reaction to the perceived lack of skills of a partner Undergraduates rated various sexual and emotional reasons for men and women to cheat. Ppts concluded that sexual reasons were most likely to be used by males, while emotional reasons were most likely to be used by females
2.1.2 Maintenance Difficulties Rohlfing 70% students had had a long distance romantic relationship, 90% had had long distance friendship. Due to increased mobility, so REAL LIFE APP: it's useful for people to know maintenance strategies
2.2 Breakdown Model
2.2.1 Tashiro & Frazer Undergrads that had recently broken up. Reported they'd experienced emotional distress AND personal growth Said breakups had given new insight into themselves (through resurrection)
3.1 Ethical Issues
3.1.1 Ppts may experience psychological harm whilst reliving their breakups for purposes of studies
3.2 Implications of theory on REAL LIFE
3.2.1 If relationship was in intrapsychic stage, repair may involve re-establishing love for partner, but these methods may change if relationship was in later stages of the model

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