Roman Public Health System

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Roman Public Health System
1 Water
1.1 Sewers
1.2 Bath-Houses
1.3 Private Homes
1.4 Fountins
1.5 Public Latrines
2 The Big Idea: Improving Public Health
2.1 Why?
2.1.1 Strong men for army
2.1.2 Diseases spread easily- Cities need fresh water to be healthy
2.2 How?
2.2.1 Taxes to pay for buildings
2.2.2 Slaves as labour
2.2.3 Employed water officers
3 Typical Exam Q.
3.1 How did the Romans improve public health?
3.2 The Romans were more interested in public health than in medicine and treatment. Do you agree?
3.3 write around 4 paragraphs!
4 Roman Hosiptals
4.1 Clean
4.1.1 Turpentine
4.2 Calm/quiet place
4.3 Surgeons/Students - Doctors, Nurses
4.4 Some treatments
4.4.1 Sore eyes, setting bones
5 When Romans left Britrain
5.1 Bone diseases occur in skeletons
5.2 Aqueducts fell into disrepair
5.3 Human waste thrown in rivers
5.4 Fields/gardens as toilets
5.5 Drinking water collected from rivers or from contaminated wells
6 Why did it decline?
6.1 Priorities were different
6.1.1 Vikings cared more about Cattle, Power, Image and Land
6.1.2 Romans wanted a strong army to keep control

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