Examtime stickers

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How to make your own stickers

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Examtime stickers
  1. How does the Adhesive work?
    1. The adhesive works when you put water on the surface causeing the glue to become dominate of the vinegar
      1. How do you make them glossy?
        1. I use packaging tape to make them glossy but you dont have to.
          1. Why did you want to make stickers in the first place?
            1. I think it would be a really cool thing to know how to do especially when they are hand made by you it makes them that much more special.
              1. What is the max size of the stickers you can make?
                1. I can make as big of a sticker as i need to i just need alot of adhesive
                  1. What is the adhesive made of?
                    1. The adhesive is 2 tbs of glue to 1 tbs of vinegar.
                      1. How do you put the peel off paper on the back of the sticker?
                        1. I rub the adhesive on just a regular piece of paper then I put the sticker on.
                          1. Does the vinegar make the sticker smell like vinegar?
                            1. Yes, however you can counter it with things like liquid smell or just pure vannila works as well.
                              1. Is i hard to make these Stickers?
                                1. These Stickers aren't that hard, only if you make it hard by not following instructions.
                                  1. Is there easier ways of making Stickers?
                                    1. yes, there is and easier way for example Wall-Mart has Sticker sheets that you can just throw into the printer and cut out your shape and you get a Sticker.
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