Interview Do's and Don'ts

Jonathan Moore
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Jonathan Moore
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Mind Map on Interview Do's and Don'ts, created by Jonathan Moore on 06/10/2016.

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Interview Do's and Don'ts
  1. DO's
    1. Dress Appropriatly
      1. Shows interest
        1. Personal grooming/cleanliness should be impecible
        2. Know exact Time/Location
          1. Know how long it takes to get there
          2. Arrive Early(at least 10 minutes before)
            1. Maybe even earlier if interviewer specifies
              1. Time to park, freshen up
              2. Treat Everyone you meet with respect
                1. Receptionist/interviewer/people you meet
                  1. Their views of you might have impact on hiring decision
                  2. Offer firm handshake
                    1. Make eye contact
                      1. Keep throughout interview
                        1. Friendly expression when greeted by interviewer
                      2. Sit Still
                        1. Avoid figiting/slouching
                        2. Back-up Statements about yourself
                          1. Focus on Strengths/Positive Attitudes
                          2. Have Intelligent Questions prepared
                            1. Do research on employer beforehand
                            2. Know when/who you should hear back about interview
                              1. Know what action you are expected to do next
                              2. Write 'Thank You' letter after interview
                              3. DONT's
                                1. No Negative Comments
                                  1. Dont Show Frustration/Negative attitudes
                                    1. About previous employers/professors
                                    2. Dont falsify application materials
                                      1. If employer later finds out, may be let go
                                        1. Some jobs (doctor/lawyer) require certain qualifications
                                      2. Dont talk about weakness/gaps in background
                                        1. Don't talk about your problems
                                        2. Dont ask about Salery/Benefits
                                          1. Wait for interviewer to bring it up
                                          2. Be clear in what type of work you're interested in
                                            1. Dont expect Interviewer to know you interests
                                            2. Dont go to extremes with posture
                                              1. Not too slouched/ too rigid
                                              2. Dont chew gum or smell of smoke
                                                1. Dont bite nails, touch face/hair or adjust clothing
                                                2. Dont allow phone to sound
                                                  1. If it does, apologies and ignore it
                                                  2. Dont read from notes/CV
                                                    1. Lack of preparation
                                                      1. Should know your history well enough
                                                      2. Dont be too relaxed
                                                        1. Shows you are not interested
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