Drawing Elephants

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Questions about drawing elephants?

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Drawing Elephants
1 How do you make a good body shape?
1.1 Make it round and have an oval shape
2 How big do you make the ears?
2.1 Make them bigger then the head but not much bigger
3 How do you make the toe nails
3.1 They are like making little tunnels a round half circle shape
4 How do you make the hairs at the end of the tail?
4.1 Make a lot of little strokes in a tear drop like shape
5 Whats the easiest part to you start with?
5.1 Drawing the oval shape and the head so you can have a sketch of the body shape to follow
6 How do you make a shape for the eyebrows?
6.1 Make a narrow thin stroked line then add some shapage
7 How big do you make the legs?
7.1 Make them not super big but not tiny like a little smaller then the head
8 How long do you make the trunk?
8.1 Dont make it touch the ground but make it about 2 inches off the ground
9 How long do you make the tooth?
9.1 Make it about ike about 5 centimeters
10 Whats the hardest part?
10.1 Adding the small details and making it look more realistic
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