Science P1, P2, P3

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Science P1, P2, P3
1 P1
1.1 Heart and Temperature
1.1.1 Energy is transferred when a substance changes temperature, the ammount depends on mass, temp, change in SHC
1.1.2 E transfered = mass x SHC x temp chance
1.1.3 Energy is tranfered hot to cold
1.1.4 Temp is a measure of hotness on an arbitary scale
1.1.5 Energy is transfered when a substance changes state. The amount depends on the mass, and SLH
1.2 Energy Transfer
1.2.1 Energy in the home can be acheived by: curtains Double glasing cavity wall insulation Reflecting foil loft insulation careful design
1.2.2 draught strip
1.2.3 energy transformations can be represented by sankey diagrams
1.2.4 Trapped air reduces energy loss by convection
1.2.5 Convection currents are caused by density changes
1.2.6 Shiny surfaces reflect infared radiation to reduce energy transfer
1.2.7 Conduction is transfer of KE
1.2.8 Air is a good insulator and reduces energy transfer by conduction
1.3 The Stable Earth
1.3.1 Earthquake waves travel through the earth, this helps us understand the inside of the earth
1.3.2 Exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes sun burn and skin cancer. Suncream/block reduces damage by ultraviolet radiation, CFC's are causing the ozone layer to thin
1.4 Waves Transfer Energy
1.4.1 Warm and hot objects emit infrared radiation. It's used for cooking
1.4.2 Microwaves can be used for cooking and comunication when transmitter and reciever are in line of sight
1.4.3 Laser light is single colour and in phase
1.4.4 Laser light, visible light an infrared are used to send signals along optical fibres by total internal reflection
1.4.5 All waves have amplitude, frequency and wavelength
1.4.6 energy transfered = F x Wavelength
1.4.7 Digital and anolouge signals are used fo rcomunication. Morse code is digital. Digital signals alow many to be transmitted at the same time.
1.4.8 Radio Waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light and ultraviolet are some of the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. The energy of the wave increases as wavelencth decreases. All electromagnetic waves can be reflected, refracted and diffracted
1.4.9 Radio waves can be used for communication. Longer waves diffract around sounds
2 P2
2.1 Energy From The Sun
2.1.1 Kinetic energy from moving air turns blades on wind turbines producing electrisity
2.1.2 Some gases in the Earths atmosphere trap heat from the Sin increacing global warming. Scientists disagree about how humans have effected global warming in increacing greenhouse gases
2.1.3 Passive solar heating uses glass to keep buildings warm
2.1.4 Photocells do not need fuel or cables, need little maintenance and cause no pollution
2.2 Electricity Generation
2.2.1 Nuclear fuels are radioactive, cause cancer, and waste remains radioactive for a long time
2.2.2 In power stations, fuels release energy as heat. Water is heated to produce steam. Steam turns turbines. Turbines turn generators. Enerators produce electricity
2.2.3 The main forms of ionising radiation are alpha, beta, gamma.
2.2.4 Transformers change the size of the Voltage and current. The national grid transmits electricity aroundthe country at high voltage qand low current
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