Cover Letter

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Cover Letter
  1. Essential part of cover letter
    1. Personalise your CV
      1. Highlight most important parts relevant to employer
      2. Brief and to the point
        1. One A4 page at most
          1. Address to an actual person
            1. Makes it more personal
          2. Tips
            1. Check Spelling/grammer
              1. Dont use 'Mrs'/'Miss'
                1. Only 'Ms' for a woman
                2. Tone of letter should be Positive
                  1. Keep a copy on file for interview
                    1. Avoid cliches
                      1. Use good quality white paper
                        1. Follow up with a call 5 days after submitting
                          1. Improves odds drastically
                          2. Print your name under your signature
                            1. If you know name of employer, add that to name and address of compNY
                            2. What to Include
                              1. 4/5 Brief Paragraphs
                                1. Specify why you are applying
                                  1. In response to ad/on a selective basis
                                    1. State where you saw job advertised
                                  2. State why you want to work for the organisation
                                    1. Included why they should hire you
                                    2. Highlight your Unique Selling Point
                                      1. Don't repeat what is in your CV
                                      2. Be specific with how experience matches job
                                        1. Give your details of availability for interview
                                          1. Sign off correctly
                                            1. 'Yours Faithfully' only if you address the person ny name
                                              1. 'Yours Faithfully' if you do not know their name (eg: Sir/Madam)
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