Singing Melody

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Biography of singing melody

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Singing Melody
1 1967
1.1 Born Everton Hardweare in Kingston, Jamaica
1.2 1987
1.2.1 Recorded 1st song Tie Mi Produced by King Tubbys
1.2.2 1988 Recorded 'Shower Me With Your Love' Produced by Stevie & Clevie 1990 Recorded 'Sayonara Tokyo' Became a Japanese anthem Released by Sony Music Japan 1992 Released album 'Original' 1997 Created and joined group L.U.S.T L.U.S.T released album Sweetness Of Your Love 1999 Performed at the Jamaican Film Festival Released album 'Sweeter' Released Single I Want You Back Reached No.1 Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall Stars Chart Won song of the year at the Soca Music Awards 2000 Won best male vocalist international at the 12th annual tamira record awards 2001 Created his own label S.H.E.M. Music Productions 2010 L.U.S.T. release album Inspiration 2012 Singing Melody released album Inspiration Began producing tracks for Morgan Heritage, Richie Stephens, Turbulnce
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