Ancient Comedy

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Some research and facts about Ancient Comedy

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Ancient Comedy
  1. Divided into
    1. Old Comedy
      1. Aristophanes
      2. Middle Comedy
        1. New Comedy
          1. Menander
        2. Aristotle wrote in his Poetics (c. 335 BC) that comedy is a representation of laughable people and involves some kind of blunder or ugliness which does not cause pain or disaster
          1. Structure
            1. 1- Parados
              1. Up to 24 performers form the Chorus
                1. Plays would be named after Chorus and what is represented, i.e. Aristophanes The Wasps play
                2. Song and dance routines
                  1. Bizarre costumes
                  2. 2- Agon
                    1. Witty verbal contest or debate between main actors
                      1. Fantastical plot elements
                        1. Fast scene changes
                          1. Improvisation
                          2. 3- Parabasis
                            1. Chorus spoke directly to audience
                              1. Chorus spoke directly for poet
                              2. 4- Exodus
                                1. Another song and dance routine
                              3. The Actors
                                1. All performers were male
                                  1. 1 protag
                                    1. 2 other
                                      1. These are the only speaking parts
                                        1. Restrictions ensured equality in competition and keep down state costs for funding actors
                                          1. So multiple roles
                                            1. Use of masks
                                  2. Chorus, costumes, musicians, rehearsal time funded by private citizen
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