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Defference between do and make.

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  1. Do and Make are two verbs
    1. Do can also be as an auxiliary verb (for making questions in the present tense)
    2. The verb 'do' with other words
      1. 1.DO is used when talking about work, jobs or tasks.
        1. DO the housework
          1. - I have guests visiting tonight so I should start doing the laundy now.
        2. 2. DO is used when we refer to activities in general without being specific. In these cases, we normally use words like thing, something, nothing, anything, everything etc.
          1. - Hurry up! I've got things to do!
          2. 3. We sometimes use DO to replace a verb when the meaning is clear or obvious.
            1. - Have you done the dishes yet? (done = washed)
          3. The verb 'make' goes with some words
            1. Make is for producing, constructing, creating or building something new.
              1. 2. Make plans and decisions
                1. - I need to make a choice about where am I going to live.
                2. 3. Speaking and certain sounds
                  1. - Your cell phone couldn't stop making noise in the morning.
                  2. 4. Food, Drink and Meals
                    1. - I'll make your birthday cake this year!!
                  3. 1. Used to indicate the origin of a product or the materials that are used to make something.
                    1. -The pasta we're eating was made of wheat.
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