Primary and secondary research, advantages and disadvantages of each

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This is Year 10 revision on BTEC: Business study's about the advantages and disadvantages or primary and secondary research.

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Primary and secondary research, advantages and disadvantages of each
  1. Primary research
    1. Advantages
      1. One of the advantages of primary research is that you can get more accurate results and you can get to know what people are feeling on a personal level, this would allow more results that are accurate to be collected..
        1. Another advantage would be you could advertise your business as well as collecting research this could increase customer numbers and increase profit for your business.
          1. Finally you could see what people are more interested in, instead of looking at numbers you could know how people feel about your business and you could adapt that to your business plan.
          2. Disadvantages
            1. It may be quite expensive getting all the equipment also fuel (if you are using a car) and if you needed people to help you then you might have to pay them more wages as they would be doing something that is probably not on their contract.
              1. This would not apply to everyone, if you was to do primary research you would have to target certain people in a certain area, this will not be as effective as looking at something like national statistics.
                1. Another thing would be that you might create a bad rep for your business, some people do not like to be pushed into something so when you go up to them in the street they may think you are attention seeking and will reduce the chance of them buying something from you.
              2. Secondary research
                1. Advantages
                  1. This could provide accurate national (even worldwide) statistics and would be more efficient.
                    1. It could give you information that people might not like to give if they met you in public. Things like where they live, how many kids they have what they do etc. So this might provide good and critical info on someone.
                      1. This would be cheaper then going and doing primary research as you would not really need to hire anyone and this would mean that you would not need to make unnecessary costs.
                      2. Disadvantages
                        1. It would not be as effective on a small area as you are just reading what numbers say and not what the person is actually saying. This could make research pointless.
                          1. Another thing is that the statistics might be out of date as surveys on a national level are only taking every couple of years, so this might be a really big knock back in terms of research.
                            1. You don't know how valid the data would be and this could mean that the data could be false and that might be a critical matter when doing market research, this could prove bad for you and your business.
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