Conflict Poems: Belfast Confetti

Isabella Marie
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Mind map with brief analysis of Carson's 'Belfast Confetti'.

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Conflict Poems: Belfast Confetti
  1. First Stanza
    1. 'Fount': Fountain
      1. First line 'drops' reader straight into the action
        1. 'Stuttering'; Onomatopoeic, imitates the sound of gunfire
          1. 'An asterisk on the map': Usually used to show an explosion on a map
            1. Punctuation: An extended metaphor
              1. 'Stops and colons': Dead ends
              2. 'Hyphenated line': Gunfire
                1. In past tense
                2. Second Stanza
                  1. 'Labyrinth': Maze
                    1. Links to being trapped
                    2. 'Balaclava, Raglan, Inkerman, Odessa Street' : All names that have been turned English
                      1. 'Fusillade' : Lots of people firing at once
                        1. Questions in line 9: Suggests confusion or questioning of identity
                          1. 'Every move is punctuated' : Implies violence and hesitation
                            1. 'Kremlin-2 mesh' : A type of tank
                            2. Ciaran Carson
                              1. Born in Belfast in 1948
                                1. Born into Catholicism
                                  1. Lived on Raglan Street
                                    1. Was 12 years old before he first met a Protestant
                                      1. Was bilingual, Irish was home language
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