Van Halen

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Biography of the band Van Halen

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Van Halen
1 1974
1.1 Van Halen band was formed by Eddie Van Halen
1.2 Original members David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony
1.3 1977
1.3.1 Discovered in a club by bassist Gene Simmons of Kiss Financed first recording sessions
1.3.2 1978 Released 1st self-titled album Became platinum status in 6 months 1979 Released album Van Halen II 1980 Released album Women And Children First 1981 Released album Fair Warning 1982 Released album Diver Down 1985 David Lee Roth records solo album and leaves the band He is replaced by Sammy Hagar 1986 Released album 5150 1991 Released album For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge 1993 Released Live album Van Halen Live:Right Here, Right Now 1995 Release album Balance Hagar leaves band 1996 Roth returns and leaves again Replaced by Gary Cherone 1998 Released album Van Halen III
1.3.3 Signed with Warner Bros.

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