Level 3. Airbnb video. Your route. Твой маршрут

Janna Petrosian
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Janna Petrosian
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This is the main steps of watching videos.

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Level 3. Airbnb video. Your route. Твой маршрут
1 Warm-up: Vocabaggage + Forum
1.1 First watching for the gist or the main idea
1.1.1 Second watching for details Watch the same chunk with questions Assignments Discussion
1.1.2 Anticipation questions - предвосхищающие вопросы
1.1.3 Discussion or forums
1.1.4 Watching
1.2 Vocabag Flashcards
1.3 VocaTests or assignments
1.4 Discussion board forums or Facebook group discussion
2 The video is devided into little chunks (3-4 min.). You will not be drawned in new vocab.
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