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Geography (Case studies) Mind Map on Goat Aid, created by Bradley Sansom on 02/26/2014.

Bradley Sansom
Created by Bradley Sansom over 5 years ago
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1 Information about Goat Aid
1.1 Goat Aid is a charity provided by Oxfam
1.2 It is based across Africa
1.3 It is a non-governmental organization (NGO). This means it doesn't rely on support from the Government
1.4 It's focus is on working with widowed women by providing a goat which will create multiple benefits
2 The benefits
2.1 Manure for crops
2.2 Meat which can be eaten or sold to increase income
2.3 The goats can be bred to increase herd size, the young goats can be sold
2.4 Milk can be used for children or sold
2.5 Goat fur can be used to make clothes which can be sold
3 Drawbacks
3.1 The goats require land and eat the grass which adds to desertification
3.2 Goat Aid hasn’t actually helped decrease poverty, though the number of hoofed animals has doubled
4 Sustainability
4.1 Goats can easily be looked after and require little input
4.2 It is a self-perpetuating system, so once they have received a goat, it can breed to grow a new herd. This makes it sustainable
4.3 Once the woman has bred her goats, she then gives a goat back to the organisation so it can be given to help another women. This makes it a sustainable project

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