Active aging

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Created by writetobirdy over 5 years ago
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Active aging
1 value
1.1 elderly
1.1.1 improve quality of life
1.1.2 extend health life experience positive attitude be a contributor
1.1.3 build a positive characterics
1.2 society
1.2.1 solve the bad effect of ageing problem reduce the social cost
1.2.2 explore elderly market
2 Defination
2.1 Health
2.1.1 Social health respect people good social network sense of belonging ability to communicate effectitly good physical health communication skills
2.1.2 Physical health keep the physical functioning of the human body prevent be sick build a health life style do exercise balanced nutrition good metal health
2.1.3 Metal emotional control emotion express emotion Intellectual memory
2.2 Paticipation
2.2.1 Social
2.2.2 material Base on need relationship family friendship desire enhance health do exercise achivement competition happy volunteer capacties lots of experence lots of time slow speed
2.3 Security
2.3.1 security product crutch reading glass wheel chair service treatment nursing house
2.3.2 care family love friendship social activities talking go to park go for dim sum volunteer society policy

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