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GCE A level Sociology A2 Mind Map on Postmodernism, created by Becca Gaden on 02/26/2014.

Becca Gaden
Created by Becca Gaden over 5 years ago
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1 Social class is in 'terminal decline'.
2 Society is far more diverse than it was 50 years ago, class divisions are less distinct.
3 Identity constructed by the individual is more important in understanding society
4 Pakulski and Waters (1996)
4.1 Lifestyle is becoming a central feature of people's lives. Lifestyles are less and less likely to be based on social class.
4.1.1 Lifestyles and identities are now more flexible. They are based on individual choice rather than class background
4.1.2 Lifestyle is basically how we live our lives.
5 Pakulski and waters identify four key features of a status conventional society
5.1 Culturalism- stratification is based on lifestyle and aesthetics not on class
5.2 Fragmentation- in the new type of society people have many different statuses based on their memberships in specific groups.
5.3 Autonomization- individuals have become more autonomous/independent in their behaviour. People choose how to act and what to believe in.

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