GRE Biology (Organismal) Overview

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GRE Biology (Organismal) Overview
1 Animal Structure, Function and Organization (10%)
1.1 Exchange with environment
1.2 Internal transport and exchange
1.3 Support and movement
1.4 Integration and control mechanisms
1.5 Behavior
1.6 Metabolic rates
2 Animal Reproduction and Development (6%)
2.1 Early development
2.2 Developmental processes
2.3 Meiosis, gametogenesis and fertilization
2.4 Reproductive structures
2.5 External control mechanisms
3 Plant Structure, Function and Organization, with Emphasis on Flowering Plants (7%)
3.1 Water transport, including absorption and transpiration
3.2 Organs, tissue systems, and tissues
3.3 Phloem transport and storage
3.4 Mineral nutrition
3.5 Plant energetics
4 Plant Reproduction, Growth and Development, with Emphasis on Flowering Plants (5%)
4.1 Reproductive structures
4.2 Meiosis and sporogenesis
4.3 Gametogenesis and fertilization
4.4 Embryogeny and seed development
4.5 Meristems, growth, morphogenesis and differentiation
4.6 Control mechanisms
5 Diversity of Life (6%)
5.1 Protista & Fungi
5.2 Animalia with emphasis on major phyla
5.3 Archaea & Bacteria
5.4 Plantae with emphasis on major phyla

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