Ancient Greek Theatre

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Ancient Greek Theatre
1 Lenaea, lunar month of Gamelion
1.1 Local Athenians, winter sea travel rules out visitors
1.2 Comedy had greater prominence
1.3 City Dionysia
1.3.1 Wealth of Athen's political, literary, musical displayed to world
1.3.2 Lasted 4/5 days
1.4 Dionysus Eleuthereus, statue of patron god brought in procession from temple to Theatre of Dionysus
1.4.1 14,000 capacity No restriction on age, gender, citizen status
2 Each play begins with person, situation, idea
2.1 Person is comic hero or heroine
2.2 Idea is the person's idea for putting things right
2.3 1 Conception
2.3.1 Learn about initial situation and discover what the ideas is
2.3.2 2 Struggle, the hero encounters, overcomes difficulties standing in the way of implementing the idea 3 Realisation: idea put into effect 4 Consequences: the effects following the implementation of the idea
3 Orchestra was centrally placed, a dance floor, where chorus performed
3.1 Audience surround on 3 sides
3.2 Skene behind orchestra: house/temple/cave etc
3.2.1 Lysistrata: battlements of the Acropolis
4 Comic actors costume traditionally characterised by grotesque padding
4.1 Ludicrous punches
4.2 Very short tunic to reveal large leather phallus
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