Religion & Relationships

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Religion & Relationships
1 Key terms
1.1 adultery: to have an affair
1.2 age of consent: age at which someone is old enough
1.3 celibacy: not having sex
1.4 chastity: staying sexually pure
1.5 commitment: a promise/pledge
1.6 contract: formal agreement
1.7 covenant: agreement based on religion
2 Religious views
2.1 Roman Catholic
2.1.1 Sex is for having children. This influences their view on contraception & sex outside of marriage.
2.2 Anglican Church
2.2.1 Sex is an expression of love. A gift from God.
2.3 Christianity
2.3.1 Important to remain chaste (sexually pure).
2.4 Hindiusm
2.4.1 No sex in the student stage. Sex is for the householder stage, where you are expected to start a family.
2.4.2 Sex before marriage can damage spiritual development.
3 Contraception
3.1 Christian views
3.1.1 Roman Catholic/Orthodox teaches: artificial contraception goes against natural law. God's purpose for marriage is to have a family.
3.1.2 Anglicans accept people should only have as many children as they can afford.
3.1.3 Many would not use emergency contraception (expels fertilised egg) this goes against sanctity of life.
3.2 Hindu views
3.2.1 Their duty is to marry & have children.
3.2.2 India, contraception is encouraged to reduce family size & poverty.
4 Marriage
4.1 Christian
4.1.1 Sacrament - holy symbol
4.1.2 Lifelong commitment as it is in front of God
4.1.3 Why? Procreation, couple's mutual help/relationship & physical intimacy
4.2 Hindu
4.2.1 Usually arranged.
4.2.2 Partners Hindus, usually from same caste (social group)
4.2.3 Divorce is rare - it is badly thought of.
5 Homosexuality
5.1 Most Hindus believe: it's wrong, marriage to make family, others argue it's a way of life.
5.2 Roman Catholic: unnatural as it does not lead to pregnancy.Others argue God created them that way
6 Family
6.1 Christianity
6.1.1 Best environment for children, stable, children are a gift, roles in the family should be equal.
6.1.2 'Honour your father and mother' 'Wives should submit to their husbands in everything'
6.2 Hinduism
6.2.1 Extended families are important, elderly are often looked after by children, duty (dharma) for husband to work/provide, for wife to care.
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