Overcoming Learning Barriers

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Various ways to overcome learning barriers within a school community.

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Overcoming Learning Barriers
1 Lack of support for teachers
1.1 Room Parent Program
1.1.1 Opportunity for parents to help support their child's teacher.
1.1.2 Administrative duties are completed with the help of room parents.
1.1.3 One-on-one support from the room parents will help the pupils gain valuable skills and assist teachers with their teaching.
1.1.4 The teacher's productivity increases and student achievement rate rises as a result of a program like this.
1.2 Peer Reviewing
1.2.1 Teachers will help each other and receive constructive support to help and better their teaching methods and techniques.
1.2.2 Encourages teacher unity and teamwork.
1.2.3 Support system will help alleviate the stress levels that come with a teaching job.
2 Assistance For Struggling Pupils
2.1 Room Parent Programs
2.1.1 Individualized attention for the students who struggle with the different tasks at hand e.g. reading, writing etc. Also available for all students in the class, should they need attention when their teacher is occupied.
2.1.2 Gives the teacher a chance to spend more time with the students that need his/her attention
2.2 Small Group Tuition Programs
2.2.1 With the help of the small tutor group, struggling students will have another aid at their disposal should they require it. Provides students chance to review work within their tuition group with the tutor and receive the extra attention the require.
2.2.2 Could also provide a chance for a child's parent to become involved in their child's school environment should they not have the chance to do so at home.
2.3 "Flipping The Classroom"
2.3.1 Independent of parental support.
2.3.2 Uploading lessons to the internet so students have the opportunity to watch the lessons again at home or after school if they missed anything. Also for students to stay after school if they don't have access to internet at home.
2.3.3 Gives the teacher chance to help students with homework
2.3.4 More time for the teachers to support their students and to review work on an one-to-one basis which they did not understand.
3 Lack Of Textbook Availability
3.1 Photocopy Store Bookshops
3.1.1 Creating online libraries of the textbooks the students will need will give them a chance to access the books or extracts of the books at any time that they wish.
3.1.2 Cost effective - Will cost 20% less to print than a fully published textbook.
3.1.3 This would be a completely legal operation as the shops will be in direct contact with the publishers.
3.1.4 Schools will be able to buy their textbooks in bulk, providing teachers with the adequate amount of resources for their classrooms. It will also prevent problems such as borrowing and stealing of textbooks as each student will have their own.
4 Student Alcohol Abuse
4.1 Readdressing The Norm
4.1.1 Implementing a culture within the school that is contrary to the norm of society and that discourages binge drinking. This will teach the students to rethink their actions or what the consequences can be if they continue with norm behavior.
4.1.2 Strict disciplinary system within the school that emphasizes a no-drinking policy on school campus or school related events.
4.1.3 Alcohol awareness talks provided to students which will address the dangers of binge drinking and how to drink responsibly.
4.2 Clarify Values With Leaners
4.2.1 Encouraging students to practice positive values within their lives and interactions with their peers. Teaching them to be good examples within the school and their community will be a testament to positive behavior without the influence of alcohol.
4.3 Peer Pressure Resistance Training
4.3.1 Educating the students on peer pressure and what it involves. Explaining that it is prevalent within the school will encourage students to be aware of signs of peer pressure and when to seek help when it gets serious i.e abusive or otherwise.
4.3.2 Training students to resist peer pressure and what it leads to. explaining that giving in to the pressure is Not conducive to optimum academic performance and could actually hinder the ability to learn and excel.
4.4 Free Counseling Sessions
4.4.1 Free counseling sessions provided to students and their parents will encourage a positive relationship between the two parties and hopefully lead to more involved communication.
4.4.2 Attracts students who previously might not have been interested due to financial constraints.
4.4.3 Provides a trusted individual with whom the student can be open and candid. The student would be able to confide in this individual with no shame or any worry that their parents, teachers or peers would be informed of their actions.
4.5 Parent and Community Programs
4.5.1 Involves the parents and educates them on the dangers of alcohol abuse. Provides help to parents should they have a problem with alcoholism
4.5.2 Making a conscious effort to fight alcohol abuse within the community surrounding the school. Perhaps running various extra-mural activities to keep children off the streets and out of situations where copious amounts of alcohol will be consumed.
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