Plate Margins

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Plate Margins
1 Conservative Plate Margin
1.1 Two plates rubbing against each other in almost similar direction but at different angles and speeds.
1.2 One is going faster than the other and eventually they get stuck.
1.3 As they remain stuck, pressure builds up between the two plates causing them to move apart, releasing the pressure.
1.4 This release in pressure causes an Earthquake.
2 Destructive Plate Margin
2.1 Oceanic crust subducts under continental crust
2.1.1 Collision boundary This is when two continental plates collide head-on But instead of one sinking under the other, they buckle.
2.2 Friction and heat from mantle cause Oceanic crust to melt
2.3 Pressure is exerted when Oceanic crust melts, this results in an Earthquake.
2.4 Magma rises up and forms a volcano in the continental crust
3 Constructive Plate Margin
3.1 In a constructive plate margin, the plates are moving apart.
3.2 This means there is a gap where there once was solid land.
3.3 Cracks and fissures begin to open up in the land and magma and ash make their way through.
3.4 The magma then goes through to the atmosphere and ocean and this forms volcanoes.
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