The Snow Child

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The Snow Child
1 Colour
1.1 Black
1.1.1 Raven
1.2 Red
1.2.1 Blood Arrival of puberty Loss of virginity
1.3 White
1.3.1 Snow Purity A cover "Fresh snow fell on snow already fallen;"
2 Gothic elements
2.1 Setting
2.2 Shocking content
2.2.1 Subversion of family relationships. Necrophilia Carter adapted "The Snow Child" from a Grimm Brother's version of the story, in which the father and not the mother wishes for the child. Carter uses this fact to her advantage, in order to portray masculine control of female identity.
2.3 The aristocracy taking advantage of the powerless.
2.3.1 Cristina Bacchilega calls the Snow Child "a masculine fantasy", a frozen image without a real life of her own. This idea connects to the snow child's purpose being to fulfill the Count's sexual desire as after he finishes having intercourse with her, her existences ceases to continue - "the girl began to melt."
2.4 Female Gothic protagonist
2.4.1 The seductress - the countess "...she on a black one, she wrapped in the glittering pelts of black foxes and she wore high, black, shining boots with scarlet heels, and spurs." "how shall I be rid of her?" Cristina Bacchilega explains "the women can coexist only as rivals, having no power independent of the Count, they cannot advance themselves." "With her long hand, she stroked her furs." She belongs to the Count because she has significance as Countess only in relation to him as Count.
2.4.2 The victim - the child "there she stood, beside the road, white skin, red mouth, black hair and stark naked; she was the child of his desire and the Countess hated her."
2.5 Corruption
2.5.1 "the whole world was white."
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