Data Protection Act 1998

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Data Protection Act 1998
1 What is the DPA?
1.1 The DPA is a law covering personal data held by a business or organisation
1.1.1 Personal Data is data that can be used to identify a living person from specific details
1.2 It was created to control the storage and usage of the data, and to protect individuals (data subjects) from misuse and unintended purposes
2 What are the 8 principles?
2.1 Data must be...
2.1.1 Fairly and lawfully processed
2.1.2 Processed for limited purposes
2.1.3 Adequate, relevant and not excessive
2.1.4 Accurate and up to date
2.1.5 Not kept for longer than is neccessary
2.1.6 Processed in line with your rights
2.1.7 Secure
2.1.8 Not transferred to other countries without adequate protection
3 What rights do data subjects have?
3.1 See what data is being held about you and be provided with a copy
3.2 Have anything corrected that is inaccurate
3.3 Ask the organisation not to process the information if it might cause you damage or distress
3.4 Refuse to have your data used for direct marketing (junk mail)
3.5 Complain to the Information Commissioner if you think a data controller has broken the rules of the DPA
3.6 Claim compensation through courts if damage has been caused through broken rules
4 What people are involved in the DPA?
4.1 Data Subject
4.1.1 A living individual that the data is based on
4.2 Data User
4.2.1 The person that stores and accesses data
4.3 Data Controller
4.3.1 The person responsible for compliance of the DPA
4.4 Information Commissioner
4.4.1 The office in charge of the DPA in the Government
5 What exemptions are there from the DPA?
5.1 Where national security may be put at risk
5.2 Where information must be available to the public
5.3 Where information is for personal use within families
5.4 Where information is needed to prevent and detect crime
5.5 Where information is needed to collect taxes
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