Hormones & Control

Callum Perera
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science Mind Map on Hormones & Control, created by Callum Perera on 04/27/2013.

Callum Perera
Created by Callum Perera over 6 years ago
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Hormones & Control
1 Internal Conditions
1.1 Water
1.1.1 Sweat Skin
1.1.2 Urine Kiddnes
1.1.3 Resperation Lungs
1.2 ion
1.2.1 Iron
1.2.2 Calcuim
1.3 Temp
1.3.1 38 degrees Enyzems work best Resperation
1.4 Sugar
1.4.1 Digestive
1.4.2 Blood Stream
1.4.3 Cells Energy
1.4.4 Energy Resperation Insulin

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