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  1. Boundaries of human behaviour
    1. Faulks was intrigued that no one ever said ''...enough, we cannot go on and still call ourselves human.''
      1. ''This is not a war, this is an exploration of how far men can be degraded.''p150
        1. '''It sounds strange, but we have degraded human life so far that we must leave some space for dignity to grow again.''p282
          1. ''He was surprised at his own brutality; he assumed it was caused by fear.'' p172
            1. ''It can't go on, can it? It just can't? p149
            2. Redemption
              1. ''If I am fighting on behalf of anyone, I think it is for those who have died.''p295
                1. ''...nothing was immoral or beyond redemption all could be brought together, understood in the long perspective of forgiveness.''p363
                  1. ''There is a human need... if a child's world is broken up by too much reality, that need goes underground.''p193
                  2. Love and Relationships
                    1. ''...she was choking with passion.'' p58
                      1. '''...he had no wish to love any of these men more than any other, knowing what lay in store for them.''p345
                        1. ''Your friendship enables me to survive.''
                          1. ''Love is more important than the flesh and blood facts of who gave birth to whom..''p494
                            1. ''...but no tears would come to expre ss his desolation or his love for poormad Weir.''p386
                              1. ''...closeness of human contact, not forced by mixity of wars, buprot given willingly, from friendship.''p317
                              2. Social Class
                                1. ''...Shouldn't you be in your dugout having a nice cup of tea?'p168
                                  1. ''Stephen had been promoted from the ranks because he had a better education.''p145
                                  2. Innocence and Experience
                                    1. '''We are fighting for out country.''p293
                                      1. ''I can't do it, Wraysford...It's just a tiny bird. It's done nothing wrong.''p305
                                        1. ''He thought of the pity of the flesh gone back underground without knowledge of another human body.''p386
                                        2. Identity and Belonging
                                          1. ''I don't have parents'' p56
                                            1. ''It's because I don't value my life enough. I have no sense of the scale of these sacrifices. I don't know what anything is worth.''p164
                                              1. ''He felt more lonely than ever in his life before.''p385
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