Curley & His Wife

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Created by chrishenry97 over 6 years ago
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Curley & His Wife
1 Curley
1.1 Hated by all
1.1.1 Strong position on the ranch Young fit and healthy Married an attractive woman Boss's son
1.1.2 Gets no respect Probably lonely
1.1.3 Wears 'high-heeled' boots Give him extra height as he's little Make it clear hes 'not a laboring man'
1.1.4 Insecure Always worried about where his wife is Coward as he picks on Lennie
1.2 Really Jumpy
1.2.1 Looks like a small boxer Candy calls him handy Means good fighter Fighting is something he's good at and likes to show off this skill
1.2.2 Insecurity about wife and size makes him aggressive and jumpy Picks fights with the wrong men to try and prove something Has no real authority on the ranch Slim - too well respected Lennie - too strong
1.2.3 Outsider Not one of the bunkhouse men Craves attention and respect Wants to be accepted
1.3 Unhappy Marriage
1.3.1 Wife married him as a way of getting away from her mother Admits to Lennie 'I don't like Curley. He ain't a nice fella'
1.3.2 Only time Curley and his wife appear together is when she's dead He doesn't touch her, it's Slim who checks
1.3.3 Curley decides to kill Lennie instead of staying with his wife He doesn't care about her, but the fact Lennie has taken something which belongs to him
2 Curley's Wife
2.1 Men have lots to say
2.1.1 Wary because she is too flirty If they flirt back there will be dangerous consequences Curley will want to fight and they will lose their jobs
2.1.2 She doesn't leave them alone, even though the men aren't nice to her Bursts into the bunkhouse all the time
2.1.3 Call her 'jailbait' and a 'rattrap' Turns out to be true to an extent Lennie is lured by her to his (and her) death
2.2 Isn't happy on the ranch
2.2.1 Lonely Only women Men don't want to talk to her Curley doesn't spend any time with her
2.2.2 Longs companionship 'Think I don't like to talk to somebody ever' once in a while?' She pretends to be looking for Curley but is looking for attention from the men
2.2.3 Cunning Aware of the power she has over Crooks and Candy Not afraid to use it
2.3 Attractive
2.3.1 'Purty', wears a lot of make-up and is proud of her hair Uses this to get attention
2.3.2 Wears a lot of red Lips are 'rouged' Fingernails and shoes are red Links her to the girl in Weed with the red dress Hint that Lennie will hurt Curley's wife too
2.3.3 Lennie is dazzled by her glamour and beauty Yet another soft thing he wants to touch

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