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1 A pair of the same type of chromosomes will have the same genes. However, the genes may be slightly different . Different versions of the same gene are called allels
2 Homozygous
2.1 If someone has 2 alleles that are exactly the same, they are said to be homozygous for that allele
2.1.1 E.g. two brown eyes allels
3 Heterozygous
3.1 If someone has 2 alleles of a gene that are different, they are said to be heterozygous
3.1.1 E.g. one blue eye, one brown eye
4 Genotype and Phenotype
4.1 A genotype is either a dominant allele or a recessive allele. A phenotype is the outcome of the two genotypes
4.1.1 Dominant allele- you can have one or two of a dominant allele and you will show that characteristsic
4.1.2 Recessive Allele- you must have two of the same recessive alleles to show that characteristic
4.1.3 Dominant + Dominant = Dominant Dominant + Recessive = Dominant Recessive + Recessive = Recessive
5 Your genotype is the alleles you have
5.1 E.g. a blue eye allele and a brown eye allele
6 Your phenotype is the characteristic you show
6.1 E.g. brown and blue allele
7 Punnet Squares
7.1 Punnet Squares are a way of seeing someone's phenotype

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