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Caring Skills and Techniques


Mind Map on Caring Skills and Techniques, created by aimeefreeman on 04/27/2013.
Mind Map by aimeefreeman, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by aimeefreeman over 9 years ago

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Caring Skills and Techniques
  1. Social Perception
    1. Observation
      1. Communication
        1. Encouragement
          1. Trust
            1. Reducing negative feelings and behaviours of clients
              1. Avoiding/ Diffusing Conflict
                1. Gaining Compliance
                  1. Eye Contact and Facial Expression in Communication
                    1. Disengagement
                      1. Physical Contact
                        1. Distraction
                          1. Modelling
                            1. Working Alongside
                              1. Showing Approval
                                1. Setting Challenges
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