relative clause which explains the main clause

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relative clause which explains the main clause
  1. thing
    1. that
      1. something happens at certain time
        1. reason or kind of
        2. which
          1. similar to whom for thing
            1. after "the cause of / the name of"
            2. where
            3. people
              1. who
                1. refer to subject
                  1. when preposition is used after verb, use who but not whom
                  2. whom
                    1. refer to object of the verb
                      1. after "to" or "with", refer to the subject
                        1. after none of / neither of / either of
                          1. after some, many, much (quantifier) of
                          2. whose
                            1. replace his/her/their
                            2. that : instead of who, which, whom
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