E. Neurobiology

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IB biology option topic E, neurobiology

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E. Neurobiology
1 Stimulus
1.1 Behaviour terms
1.1.1 Stimulus: A change in the environment (external or internal) that is detected by a receptor
1.1.2 Response: A change in an organism resulting from a stimulus
1.1.3 Reflex: A type of response that is rapid and involuntary
1.2 Stimulus response
1.2.1 Receptors transform stimuli into electicalnerve impulses
1.2.2 Sensory neurons relay the nerve impulse to the CNS (via the dorsal root)
1.2.3 Relay neurons transmit nerve impulses within the CNS
1.2.4 Motor neurons transmit nerve impulses from the CNS and relays the signal to an effector
1.2.5 Effectors (muscles or glands) produce a response to the stimulus
1.2.6 Synapses are junctions between nerve cells across which neurotransmitters pass.
1.2.7 The stimulus response model Stimulus-->receptor-->sensory neuron-->CNS--> relay neuron-->CNS-->effector-->response
2 Perception
2.1 types of receptors
2.1.1 Light: photoreceptors
2.1.2 Movement: mechamoreceptors
2.1.3 Temp: thermoreceptors
2.1.4 Chemicals: chemoreceptors
2.1.5 Pressure: baroreceptor
2.1.6 Pain: nocireceptors
2.1.7 Position: proprioceptors
2.2 The human eye
2.3 Retina
2.4 Cone and rod cells
2.4.1 Cones Photoreceptors
3 Learning
4 Synapses
5 Human brain
6 Behaviour
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