Roll of Thunder, Rose Hayward Bujard

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Roll of Thunder, Rose Hayward Bujard
1 The Logan Family
1.1 Little Man
1.1.1 likes everything clean
1.1.2 stubborn
1.1.3 "Y'all go ahead and get dirty if y'all wanna. Me, I'm gonna stay clean."
1.2 Cassie
1.2.1 narrator
1.2.2 only daughter
1.2.3 Stubborn
1.2.4 Wants equality
1.2.5 not afraid to argue
1.2.6 Knows what she wants
1.2.7 "I becha mama's gonna 'clean' you, you keep this up."
1.3 Stacey
1.3.1 eldest
1.3.2 friends with TJ
1.3.3 his mum will be his teacher
1.3.4 "You don't have to spend all day in a classroom with your mama!"
1.3.5 Bossy
1.4 Christopher-John
1.4.1 Jolly
1.4.2 Hates arguing
1.4.3 Can whistle
1.4.4 "There was little that could make Christopher-John unhappy for long"
1.4.5 Chubby
1.5 Mary (Mama)
1.5.1 wise
1.5.2 teacher at the school will be teaching stacey
1.5.3 "Your mama's really one great teacher"
1.6 David (papa)
1.6.1 works at the railroads
1.6.2 "look out there Cassie girl. All that belongs to you"
1.7 Big Ma
1.7.1 Good at medicines
1.7.2 takes care of house
1.7.3 "People often called her instead of a doctor when they were sick"
2 Settings
2.1 1933
2.2 mississippi
2.2.1 Spokane County
2.3 october
2.3.1 first day of school
2.4 White school vs. Black school
3 Other Characters
3.1 The Avery Family
3.1.1 TJ Annoying Gossipy Likes being in the center of attention "I becha I could give y'all an earful 'bout that burning last night"
3.2 Jeremy

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