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A-Levels Geography (Going Global) Mind Map on Mumbai, created by Jodie Goodacre on 04/28/2013.

Jodie Goodacre
Created by Jodie Goodacre over 6 years ago
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1 Experiencing hyper-urbaisation
2 Economy has grown based on manufacturing
2.1 Growth is now slowing down in Mumbai
3 Increase in IT and financial services and has become a major center for out-sourced work
4 Central position in Asia
5 Become a hub for TNCs
6 Bollywood makes more films than hollywood
6.1 Becoming more popular on a global scale
7 Average population density of 80,000 per km sq.
8 Generates 33% pf India's entire tax revenue
9 Largest city in India
10 Located on thin island on the west coast of India
11 Population
11.1 3 million in 1950
11.2 18 million today
11.3 26 million in 2020
12 40% of all international flights land there
13 Not all people have benefited from the growth
14 Life expectancy
14.1 68 in the city
14.2 65 as a whole nation
15 60% of the population live in poverty
15.1 1/3 live in absolute poverty
16 Employment in the informal sector is rising
16.1 Poorly paid and unreliable
17 High levels of congestion and pollution
18 High level of Rural-Urban migration
18.1 Housing shortages
19 Quality of life is one of the lowest of all world cities
19.1 It came 150th out of 216
20 Dharavi
20.1 Over 1 million inhabitants
20.2 Streets are narrow
20.3 Houses are poorly constructed
20.4 Overcrowded
20.5 Poor sanitation
20.5.1 High levels of disease
20.6 Often water shortages
20.7 There have been incidents of fires due to lack of regulation
20.8 One of the largest and well organised slums in Asia
20.9 Can be described as sustainable as it recycles 80% of it's waste
20.9.1 Worth $1.5 million a year
20.10 The land that it is built upon has a value of over $10 billion
20.11 Goods worth over £500 million are produced every year
20.11.1 Sold throughout Europe and North America
21 Vision Mumbai
21.1 Plan to tackle problems created by the rapid population growth
21.2 Turn the city into a world-class location by 2013
21.3 Work began in 2004
21.4 In order to be successful they plan to remove Dharavi slum
21.5 By 2007
21.5.1 200,000 people had been moved
21.5.2 45,000 homes demolished
21.5.3 300 hectares of land cleared for development
21.6 Four aspects to improve
21.6.1 Transport
21.6.2 Housing
21.6.3 Environment
21.6.4 Employment

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