Religion and Young People

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Religion and Young People
1 Definitions
1.1 Brotherhood
1.1.1 support derived from being part of a community with shared values
1.2 Coming of Age ceremonies
1.2.1 rituals performed to celebrate a child's move to adulthood
1.3 Empowerment
1.3.1 developing confidence in individuals or groups
1.4 Marginalisation
1.4.1 the social process of being left out
1.5 Secular Society
1.5.1 all aspects of society that are not connected with religion
2 Birth and Commitment Ceremonies
2.1 Infant Baptism
2.2 baby dressed in white
2.2.1 Symbolises purity
2.3 priest asks parents + godparents 3 Q's about their faith
2.4 water taken from font is sprinkled over baby's head
2.5 "In the name of the..."
2.6 symbol of cross made
2.7 lighted candle given to the parents
2.7.1 symbol of Jesus
3 Ceremonies of Commitment
3.1 12 years
3.1.1 Baptism preparation classes service conducted by Bishop asks 3 Q's asked at Birth They reply yes lays hand on forehead and confirms Holy Communion then celebrated
3.2 believer's Baptism
3.2.1 candidates amke confessions of sins
3.2.2 minister leads them fully immersed in water Symbolises dying to sin and rising to life again in Christ
4 Young people
4.1 Moral choices
4.1.1 Upbringing
4.1.2 Spirituality
4.1.3 Moral Codes
4.1.4 Religous beliefs
4.1.5 Peer Pressure
4.1.6 Other influences
4.2 Being Religous
4.2.1 Benefits range of activites Empowerment support of brotherhood
4.2.2 Problems Secular Society Marginalisation Peer Pressure Generation Gap
5 Freedom of Choice
5.1 always limitations
5.2 Generation Gap
5.3 Religions impose rules- although they also say free will
5.4 Peer groups impose rules
5.5 Our various relationships influence us
6 Key Teachings
6.1 Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord (Corinthians)
6.2 Spare the rod, spoil the child (Proverbs)

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