Figures of Speech

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Figurative speech including: similie; metaphor; alliteration; assonance; personification; onomatopoeia; hyperbole

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Figures of Speech
1 Simile
1.1 Compares two things that are alike
1.1.1 LIKE or AS "Cute as a button"
2 Metaphor
2.1 Compares two unlike things
2.1.1 Provide clearer description "On the wings of wind"
3 Alliteration
3.1 Two or more words in a row starting with the same sounds
3.1.1 "a peck of pickled peppers."
4 Assonance
4.1 Repetition of identical or similar vowel sounds in neighboring words
4.1.1 "I must confess that in my quest I felt depressed and restless." (Thin Lizzy, "With Love")
5 Personification
5.1 giving human characteristics to non-living things or ideas
5.1.1 "Oreo: Milk’s favorite cookie."
6 Onomatopoeia
6.1 A poetic structure of words to convey how something sounds
6.1.1 "Ding dong! the bells are gonna chime"
7 Hyperbole
7.1 A description that is exaggerated for emphasis
7.1.1 "I could sleep for a year"

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