Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina
1 Where?
1.1 East New Orleans, hitting nearby St. Bernard.
1.1.1 Most people went to high areas or their rooftops to seek refuge.
2 When?
2.1 August 29, 2005. By August 31 2005, New Orleans was flooded
3 Effects
3.1 Natural Effect: The city leeves broke somewhere. These breaches were responsible for most of the flooding.
3.2 Economic Effect: In April 2006, The Bush Administration sought $105 billion dollars for repairs to the town.
3.3 Economic Effect: Hundreds of thousands were left homeless and jobless. About 600,000 of these people had farming jobs in the town.
3.4 Economic Effect: No paychecks were being cashed and no money was being spent, so no taxes for the local government.
3.5 Civil Engineering; Oil refining was discontinued in the town and therefor the increasing of oil prices worldwide.
3.6 People: Thousands of people drowned and therefor causing grief over the whole city.
4 Important Facts:
4.1 The storm surge impacted all 100km of St. Tammany Parish's coastline.
4.2 Some parts were flooded 4.5 metres deep. And most produce was not growing any longer.
4.3 90% of residents were evacuated because the evacuation plan was ver successful. It was the most successful evacuation of a major urban areas.
4.4 When the storm hit, New Orleans was already one of the poorest countries in the region with one of the highest unemployment rates.
4.5 The extra 10% that remained in homes were elderly and could not survive longer than the others.
5 More information:
5.1 The lack of revenue will limit the resources that the town does not have.
5.2 Katrina has also stimulated good research in academics into planning urban, real estate finance and economic issues.
5.3 The economy also lost a lot of their natural minerals and resources such as grain and oil.
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