Huricane Katrina

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Geography mindmap on Hurricane Katrina

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Huricane Katrina
1 Warm air from the ocean combined with the storm, rose and created a low pressure zone.
2 Wind speeds picked up as the storm moved across the ocean, picking up more warm, moist air.
3 A storm surge also took place when a large dome of water was created underneath the hurricane.
4 New Orleans is built in a bowl and only in exsitence because of dams and levees contolling the Mississippi River. This meant that it was prone to flooding.
4.1 These levees broke, meaning that 80% of New Orleans was inundated with flood water.
5 Many buildings were destroyed.
5.1 1300 people were killed
5.2 500'000 refugees
6 Trees and vegetation were destroyed.
7 Drinking water was mixed with salty sea water. Making some people sick.
8 10'000s took refuge in the Superdome. It had no proper sanitation, became overheated and there was a lack of proper supplies.
9 Buisnesses were looted
10 Alabama had 400'000 homes left without power.
11 A Congressional Report stated that Hurricane Katrina was a national failure.
12 Helicopters were used to help repair the levees that broke.
13 The Red Cross served 995'000 meals in just one day.
14 President Bush put $3.1 billion towards repairs and improvements.
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