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A-Levels Geography (Going Global) Mind Map on London, created by Jodie Goodacre on 04/28/2013.

Jodie Goodacre
Created by Jodie Goodacre over 6 years ago
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Jodie Goodacre
1 Situated in South-East England on the River Thames
2 7.8 million people today
2.1 Highest population in the EU
2.1.1 12.5% of total UK population
2.2 Not a steady rise in population
2.2.1 1940 population was 8.6 million
2.2.2 60s and 70s population declined
2.2.3 1979 population 6.7 million
3 High population density
3.1 Over 10,000 per km sq.
4 Compared to nation on a whole London has a much higher proportion of people aged 25-44
5 Around 250,000 foreign migrants move to London
5.1 Around 150,000 British migrants move to London
6 Large Financial industry
7 Major tourism destination
7.1 Nearly 400,000 people working in the tourism industry
7.2 In 2005, tourists spent approx. £15 billion
8 London airports are among busiest in the world
8.1 Carry 75% of all UK passengers
9 High levels of unemployment
10 Traffic congestion and pollution high
10.1 Congestion charge
11 Land shortage for housing
12 London's growth spread outwards
12.1 Creating rings of suburbs around inner-city London
13 Plan to make London a leading example of a sustainable city
13.1 To accommodate London's growth
13.2 To make London a healthier and better city
13.3 To make London a more prosperous city
13.4 To promote social inclusion and tackle deprivation and discrimination
13.5 To improve accessibility
13.6 To make London an exemplary world city
14 Trials of new environmentally friendly buses
15 Plans to increase recycling rates
15.1 The EU set a target of 40% recycling
16 Established city

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