Increasing risks

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Increasing risks
1 The majority of the world's population lives in low-lying coastal areas
2 A significant proportion of those densely populated coastal areas are exposed to the tsunamis generated by earthquakes
3 The impact of storm surges is expected to worsen as a result of the rise in sea levels
4 The rise in sea level is global. Therefore, all coastal areas may expect higher rates of coastal erosion and a higher risk of flooding
5 The continuing concentration of settlement and development in coastal areas will make problems even more serious
6 The 2004 Asian Tsunami
6.1 26th December 2004
6.2 Epicentre was off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia
6.3 Killed around 280,000 people and inundated coastal communities
6.4 $7 billion in aid was donated
6.5 Had an impact on the survivors mental health
6.5.1 Estimated that 50% of all survivors had problems and that 5-10% have serious mental problems requiring treatment
6.6 40% incidence of PTSD in children affected by the tsunami
7 Holderness on the Retreat
7.1 Northeast coast of England
7.2 Suffers fastest rate of coastal erosion in Europe
7.3 The coastline is mainly cliffs between 20 and 30m high
7.3.1 Soft, easily eroded glacial sands, gravels and boulder clay
7.4 Erosion at a rate of more than 1m per year
7.5 Erosion up to 10m per year
7.6 4km of land has been lost since Roman times
7.7 Suffered badly in the 1953 storm surge
7.8 Exposed, particularly to waves from the North East
7.9 Waves are destructive
7.10 Longshore drift provides nourishment for Spurn Head
8 Thames Estuary
8.1 Has a long history of flooding
8.2 Tide levels are steadily increasing
8.3 Tide levels are rising in the Thames estuary relative to the land by about 60cm per centuary
8.4 When a trough of low pressure moves across the Atlantic towards the British Isles, the sea beneath it rises above the normal level
8.4.1 This creates a 'hump' of water, which moves eastwards with the depression
8.5 The Thames Barrage was completed in 1984
8.6 Gateway reduces flood risk
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