Food Packaging

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Created by amywilson1996x over 5 years ago
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1 Types
1.1 metal
1.1.1 use cans of soft drinks tins of beans/peas blocks of butter takeaway containers
1.1.2 Adv easy to store tins are lacquered foods can be sterilised in container itself
1.1.3 Disadv expensive easily dented if not sealed properly micro-organisms can enter
1.2 glass
1.2.1 use jam beetroot coffee salad cream
1.2.2 Adv reusable clean and hygienic free from contamination
1.2.3 Disadv fragile expensive
1.3 paper
1.3.1 use bags of flour cereal boxes eggboxes orange juice cartons
1.3.2 Avd cheap lots of different forms biodegradable info can be on it
1.3.3 Disadv fragile can fall apart when wet doesn't reseal very well
1.4 plastic
1.4.1 use bottles of soft drinks cartons of yoghurt packets of pasta
1.4.2 Adv strong cheap info on it lightweight and flexible
1.4.3 Disadv not biodegradable non renewable some plastics may contaminate food
2 Why
2.1 Protection
2.2 easier to transport and store
2.3 labelling
2.4 free from germs
2.5 advertising
2.6 easy to identify
3 Good packaging
3.1 safe
3.2 hygienic
3.3 reasonably stong
3.4 odourless
3.5 attractive
3.6 economical to produce
3.7 easy to open and reseal
4 Reduce by
4.1 reduce
4.2 reuse
4.3 recycle
5 Impact
5.1 glass
5.1.1 100% recyclable
5.2 paper
5.2.1 can be recycled and when done can be environmentally friendly
5.3 metal
5.3.1 recycled and ready in 4-6 weeks
5.4 plastic
5.4.1 can take upto 500yrs to decompose

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