Food Hygiene

Tamara Lancaster
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Tamara Lancaster
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GCSE Additional Applied Science (Food Science) Mind Map on Food Hygiene, created by Tamara Lancaster on 03/30/2016.

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Food Hygiene
1 Food poisoning is avoided in resturants etc by cleaning their work surfaces , not using the same knives for meat and vegetables because of contamination , sterile packaging , controlling pests and keeping stored food in the correct conditions.
2 People making/preparing food have to be clean aswell
2.1 Wearing gloves , aprons,hats/hair nets etc can prevent ways of contamination as your not coming into contact with the food and therefore not spreading germs/ bacteria onto the food
3 Food preservation involves controlling bacteria by refrigeration , freezing, heating , cooking, drying , salting and pickling
4 Food hygiene is important in all stages of cooking food.
5 Bacterial growth can be slowed or stopped by changing the temperature. Bacteria multiply rapidly at temperatures between 5* and 65* . Most are killed at temperatures above 70*
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