Describing Motion

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Physics - Mechanics - Kinematics - Describing Motion

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Describing Motion
1 Speed
1.1 average speed = distance/time
1.1.1 v=x/t
1.2 Units of Speed
1.2.1 metres per second
1.2.2 centimetres per second
1.2.3 kilometres per second
1.2.4 kilometres per hour
1.2.5 miles per hour
2 Distance and Displacement, Scalar and Vector
2.1 In Physics, we are often concerened more wih the distance moved by an object in a particular direction rather than its total distance
2.1.1 This is called its Displacement Displacement is a VECTOR As it has a magnitude but also a direction
2.1.3 Distance is a SCALAR As it has magnitude but no direction The complete distance travelled(in this case)
2.1.4 Velocity is is the rate of change of displacement velocity=change in displacement/time taken
3 Displacement against Time Graphs
3.1 From t0 to t1 the object is travelling at constant velocity, from the start to x1
3.2 The rate of change of displacement is not constant, so the object is accelerating
3.3 From t1 to t2 the object is stationary
3.4 From t2 to t3 the object is travelling at a constant velocity back to the start