Coastal Management

Jodie Goodacre
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A-Levels Geography (Crowded Coasts) Mind Map on Coastal Management, created by Jodie Goodacre on 04/28/2013.

Jodie Goodacre
Created by Jodie Goodacre over 6 years ago
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Coastal Management
1 Hard Engineering management
1.1 Groynes
1.2 Recurved sea wall
1.3 Revetments
1.4 Rip-Rap
1.5 Gabion
2 Soft Enegineering management
2.1 Beach Nourishment
2.2 Beach re-profiling
2.3 Dune Regeneration
2.4 Developing natural defences of coral reefs and mangroves
3 Advance the line
4 Do nothing
5 Hold the line
6 Retreat the line
7 Abbotts Hall Farm, Essex
7.1 Southeast England is experiencing eustatic rise and isostatic sinking
7.2 Sea level is rising at a rate of about 6mm per year
7.3 Pressure on stretches of low-lying coast
7.4 40% of salt marshes have been lost to coastal squeeze over the last 25 years.
7.5 Mudflats and salt marshes are important feeding and nesting areas
7.5.1 Being eroded at a rate of 2m per year
7.6 On Blackwater estuary
7.7 A managed retreat scheme was implemented in 2002
7.8 Five breaches were made in the embankments, allowing sea water to cover some 80 hectares
7.9 Essex Wildlife Trust in 1999 was keen to work with the Environmental agency to try and regrow coastal marshes
7.10 Counterwalls were constructed at each end to ensure neighbouring towns were not flooded
8 New Coastal management strategies recognise three needs:
8.1 To ensure that the strategies are sustainable
8.2 To take a more holistic view and to abandon the old piecemeal approach to coastal management which tackled one issue at a time
8.3 To encourage cooperation between the various coastal stakeholders
9 Shoreline management plans
9.1 First made public in 1995
9.2 Sustainable
9.3 Compatiable with adjacent coastal areas
9.4 Takes account of natural coastal processes as well as the needs of people

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